Classic Radiant Heater 3200W

Classic Radiant Heater 3200W
Model No: EH631
Comfortable radiant warmth, offering efficient and cost effective heating
Subtle minimalist design featuring a black anodised aluminium finish
No internal moving parts, creating silent and maintenance free operation
Metal radiant heater – no glowing element
Adjustable wall and ceiling bracket
1.5m long power cord
Designed for outdoor use
Ideal for use under verandahs, garages or alfresco areas
Gasmate Radiant heating: Radiant heating is an efficient way of heating, particularly for outdoors as radiant heats people and nearby objects, not the air or empty spaces. This means that the heat does not get blown away by wind.
Ingress Protection (IP): This is an international rating system which classifies the ability of a product to withstand the entry of either solid objects (generally dust) or liquids (generally water). Termed the “IP rating or IP approved” it consists of two numbers; the first is protection againts solid objects (0 to 6), while the second is protection againts liquids (0 to 8). The higher the number the better protection. The minumum outdoor protection for heaters is IPx4. This means the products is protected from liquids (water/rain) but not from dust.


Finish: Anodised Aluminum
Overall Dimension (WxHxD): 1690 x 175 x 135mm
Maximum Output: 3200W
Consumption (approx): 3.2 kW/h
Running cost*: $0.61 p/h
* Note: Running cost based on an average tariff of $0.19kwh. Check with your local energy retailer for confirmation.